Look At Everything You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Look At Everything You Can Buy With Bitcoin


Recently, legendary Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper told Bloomberg that he has no intention of selling his Bitcoin because he didn't want to sell the future for the past. 

Drapers quote begs the question - how far into the future are we talking about where a world exists that we don't need to use regular government issued currency (FIAT) for your everyday transaction needs?  Turns out, the future may not be that far away.

In fact given the speed at which businesses and payment vendors/platforms are adopting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payment, we wanted to highlight the purchases that people can already make (both large and small) using Bitcoin.



Almost daily, a new real estate agent or brokerage is coming out accepting Bitcoin as payment around the world. 

From million dollar mansions to practical single-family homes, Bitcoin transactions are becoming prominent in almost every locale.  And the reason, aside from the speculative desire on the part of the seller, is the simplicity of the transaction. 

From a recent article from HGTV, buying a home with Bitcoin is infinitely faster and easier (and cheaper) than going the traditional route where agent fees, commissions, paperwork and process can take weeks. 

The pros of buying real estate with bitcoin is that once everything is signed, the transaction completion time takes 10 minutes to a day depending on network congestion,” says Jake. “Think about that for a second — no need for the banking system. You can pay for the house, the realtor and anyone else at the same time.
— http://www.hgtv.com/design/real-estate/how-to-buy-real-estate-with-bitcoin


While mansions bought using Bitcoin grab headlines, more practical housing use cases are advancing just as quickly.  For instance, renters can pay with Bitcoin in many markets as well, as apps like New York City based ManageGo are leading the push on innovation by allowing rent to be paid using Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

 ManageGo are allowing Bitcoin payments on their platform in 2018

ManageGo are allowing Bitcoin payments on their platform in 2018


Traveling using only Bitcoin is especially rewarding as international travel highlights one of the primary benefits of using Bitcoin over normal currency - no hassle of exchange currencies as you travel across the globe. 

For airfaire, there are several options to book your flights using Bitcoin, as referenced from an article on Fortune late last year:

  • CheapAir.com was the first online travel agency in the world to accept payments in Bitcoin in 2013. The California-based company offers flights on all major airlines and to all major airports worldwide.
  • Spanish travel agency Destinia.com also accepts Bitcoin. To book a flight or hotel, just swap the currency to “BTC” at the top right of the homepage.
  • ABitSky.com is specifically geared toward travel around continental Europe.
  • Latvia’s national airline airBaltic has accepted Bitcoin since 2014 for its discount flights to the Baltics, Russia and Europe.
  • Earlier this year, Japanese air carrier Peach Aviation announced it will would start accepting Bitcoin for its discount flights through North Asia by the end of 2017.
  • eGifter.com is an online gift card shop that lets you buy bitcoin gift cards for airlines like American Airlines, (aal, +0.87%) Delta, (dal, +0.04%) and Southwest Airlines (luv, -0.22%).
  • And future space tourists can even use Bitcoin to purchase their tickets into sub orbit, according to Virgin Galactic. Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s space company plans to launch the first commercial passenger spaceflights before the end of 2018, the company said in April.


  • Travel agencies CheapAir and Destinia also accept Bitcoin payments for hotel bookings.
  • Expedia doesn’t accept Bitcoin for flights, but it does for hotel bookings. The travel giant uses an online platform called Coinbase to secure transfers of the digital currency.
  • Gyft.com is a digital gift card platform that lets you buy gift cards in Bitcoin to Hotels.com, which offers bookings at more than 150,000 hotels.
  • 9flats.com, Airbnb’s European rival headquartered in Berlin, accepts Bitcoin payments for its short term home rentals.

Car Travel

  • Bookings in Bitcoin on CheapAir and Destinia not only work for hotels and flights, but also car rentals.
  • For road trips, try CoinFuel. The site offers gasoline gift cards in Bitcoin to an array of gas stations across the United States including Shell, BP, Sunoco, and Gulf.
  • CoinFuel also lets you purchase Uber gift cards to the ride-hailing app, which does not accept Bitcoin yet.

Food and Dining

There are 100s of restaurants internationally that proudly accept Bitcoin as payment for your dining experience, and one restaurant in Manhattan called La Sirene that only accepts cryptocurrency or AmEx for payment. 


However, as is the case with other industries, middleware apps like Menufy are accelerating the reach of restaurants and chains that accept Bitcoin and other cryptos as currencies. 


Everyday Goods and Services

While it's been long rumored that major retail and e-commerce sites like Amazon will soon accept Bitcoin, there are solutions available today that allow users to buy gift cards to those major retailers and use them for any and all purchases.

Gyft is one such example of a service that allows users to pay with Bitcoin to buy gift cards from over 200 retailers and the largest brands in the nation. 


Global Adoption

There is clearly a tipping point in each vertical and industry where competitors that start accepting Bitcoin first, and grow their market share because of it, will soon force others in the same industries to adopt crypto to remain competitive - especially when accepting crypto becomes the reason consumers are choosing one supplier or service over others. 

Have you seen new businesses or industries accepting Bitcoin?  Add them to the comments below so they can get the notariety they deserve for being early adopters to this revolutionary currency. 

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