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We started Coin Ninja for one simple mission and purpose - to bring a better understanding of the incredible power of Bitcoin to the masses to speed global adoption of this revolutionary technology. 

While many videos, blogs and posts have attempted to explain Bitcoin and Blockchain, nobody has done so in a way that has created basic level awareness and understanding of how Bitcoin is used in a transactional way, and the benefits of doing so.  This is about to change with Coin Ninja.

We want to help answer some of the basic questions surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, that will be essential building blocks to understand more advanced topics like blockchain, mining and exchanges.  Questions like ‘Where can I get or buy Bitcoin’, ‘What makes Bitcoin better as a payment system’, ‘How do I use Bitcoin to buy goods or services’, and more generally... ‘What is Bitcoin’? 

We will explain these concepts without getting too technical or advanced, and without boring our audience with concepts they don’t understand.  We want to make understanding and learning about Bitcoin a lot more fun than it is today.

Understanding Bitcoin

While Bitcoin has been around for nearly a decade, interest over the past year has exploded.  This is no doubt a function of the 1,600% rise in price over the last 12 months but if search trends are any indication, many people are blindly jumping into Bitcoin for a return on investment without understanding what makes Bitcoin such a valuable utility. 

The search trends are dominated by questions about Bitcoin as a financial investment.  While this will remain a significant source of interest, we believe the best way to increase the value in Bitcoin is by increasing the everyday utility in Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Searches

Search trends from late 2017 indicate that people are still looking for basic insights on introductory level Bitcoin concepts.

Searches related to the bitcoin price, value and conversion to USD can also be an opportunity to bring education about the utility of Bitcoin to those simply viewing it as an investment asset. will be the preeminent destination for bitcoin price and conversion, but will also prominently deliver educational content as well.

source: Investopedia


Over the coming months we will be sharing Bitcoin insights in the form of blog posts, videos, snippets, charts and data and more to help you better understand Bitcoin and its place as a global currency ready for mass adoption. 

While we will have content for those advanced users who are more familiar with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, our primary aim is to educate those who are just learning about the basics of Bitcoin and how to acquire it, spend it, store it and share it with others.

Our goal is to empower growth of Bitcoin adoption by accelerating mainstream understanding and introducing it into the everyday transaction marketplace. 

The Evolution of Currency

We want to educate the world on why Bitcoin is a superior way to transact relative to any other option in our global history - from the speed and low transaction fees, to the ability to transact internationally without currency conversion, to the ability to verify every transaction on the public ledger.  It is because of these capabilities and more that make us certain that Bitcoin is the evolution of currency.

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Exciting Products Coming Soon from Coin Ninja

Exciting Products Coming Soon from Coin Ninja